Donnique Williams

Donnique (she/her) is a poet, DJ, collage and spoken word artist. She creates work with a great focus on vulnerability. Her work awakens the reader to examine their own self-image, dreams, legacies, and struggles of faith. 

Her passion for community engagement has inspired her to create successful outreach events all over Waterloo Region, record-breaking fundraising campaigns, and an award-winning Social Venture Partners’ pitch.

From writing poetry and spinning marketing plates to advocating for affordable housing, Donnique hopes to cultivate a just, more hopeful world. 


Donnique creates handmade collage art, writes original poetry, DJs packed events, and performs spoken word. 

Are you looking for unique content for your socials, a personalized piece of art, or a unique performance? Look no further.   


Donnique Williams

Parasocial relationships or nah?